The following manufacturing corporations, divisions, and U.S. Government agencies have approved the LFC Quality Assurance System, controls, procedures, and manual. The LFC Quality Assurance System meets the requirements as set forth in the ISO 9001 Specification.

Aeroquip Corporation
An Aircraft

Airbus Industries
Aircraft Braking Systems
Allied Signal Corporation
          Allied Signal Aerospace Division
Astro Jet
          Canadair Division
          De Havilland
The Boeing Company
          Boeing Aircraft, McDonnell Aircraft and Missiles Division, Saint Louis, Mo.
          Boeing Commercial Division, Seattle, Wa.
          Boeing Electronics Division, Irving, Tx.
          Boeing Helicopter (Vertol), Philadelphia, Pa.
          Boeing Military Division, Seattle, Wa.
          Boeing North American Division, El Segundo, Ca.
          Boeing North American Space Systems Division, Downy, Ca.
          Douglas Helicopter Systems, Mesa, Az.
          Douglas Products Division, Long Beach, Ca.
          McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Company, Huntington Beach, Ca.
          Rocketdyne Division, Canoga Park, Ca.
British Aerospace
California Institute of Technology
          Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Chrysler Technologies
          Airborne Systems, Inc.
FMC Corporation
          Food Machinery Division
          United Defense Ground Systems, San Jose, Ca.
General Electric Corporation
Gulfstream Aerospace
Hartzell Propeller
Helicopter Support, Inc.
Israel Aircraft
Kaman Aerospace Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation
          Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems, Marietta, Ga.
          Lockheed Martin Astronautics Group, Marietta, Ga.
          Lockheed Martin Land Systems Division, Burlington, Vt.
          Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space, Denver, Co.
          Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space, Orlando, Fl.
          Lockheed Martin Missiles Division, Sunnyvale, Ca
          Lockheed Martin Space Division, Marietta, Ga.
          Lockheed Martin Space Division, Sunnyvale, Ca.
          Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems, Fort Worth, Tx.
          Lockheed Martin Vought Systems
Loral Corporation
          Vought Division
          Missile Division
Messier Dowty
Monadnock Company
Moog Corporation
National Aeronautics Space Administration
          NASA Goddard
          NASA Huntsville
          NASA Aimes Laboratory
Northrop Grumman Corporation
          B-2 Division
          Commercial Aircraft Divison
          Electronics Sensor and Systems
          Grumman Bethpage Division
          Grumman St. Augustine Division
          Military Aircraft Division
Raytheon Corporation
          Beech Aircraft Division
          E-Systems Division
Hughes Systems
          Texas Instruments Division
Rohr Corporation
Sargent Fletcher Company
Sundstrand Corporation
Teledyne Corporation
          Teledyne Brown, Huntsville, Al.
          Teledyne Systems
Textron Corporation
          Aerostructures Division, Nashville, Tn.
          Bell Helicopter Textron
          Cessna Aircraft Division
          Marine Division, Pascagula, Ms.
Thiokol Corporation
          TRW Space and Electronics Group
United States Government
          Defense Industrial Supply Center
          Defense Logistics Agency
United Technologies
          Hamilton Standard Division
          Norden Systems Division
          Sikorsky Aircraft Division
Weber Aircraft, Inc.